When you touch one thing, you have to touch all things


November 25 – December 16, 2017

Saturday, December 9 from 6-11PM*

* There will be a shuttle bus departing the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto at 7PM for the opening reception. Bus tickets are $5 for round-trip and can be purchased at sadsadderdaze-bus.eventbrite.ca

The gallery is open for events and by appointment.

The things that you take out

The things that you put away

a movement of a body through space

Hands on newspapers
The edges, walls and hallways

Your feet on sandy pavement


When you touch one thing, you have to touch all things examines our ongoing relationship to spaces that we pass through.

Through the use of printed, built, and found material, SADSADDERDAZE manipulates scale to reveal extensive structures and environments, highlighting that which tends to go unnoticed.


Programming support has been provided by the Toronto Arts Council.


SADSADDERDAZE is the collective project of Emma Green, Alison Postma, Elana Shvalbe and Emma Welch. Formed in early 2016, their collaborative work is informed by architectural space and forms, particularly of public spaces.