Friday, September 1 from 7-10PM

♥ XVK Live!

Asian Pop Girl Band XVK to Debut New Talk Show
Hosted by Tiffany Schofield

Exclusive VIP front row seats available.
RSVP via xvkguru@gmail.com to become one of the 8 lucky audiences.

♥ ♥ XVK Flagship Store Grand Opening

Limited edition merch for sale and pre-order.


XVK is an asian-pop-girl-band-artist-collective founded by Xuan Ye, Véronique Sunatori and Sara Kay Maston. Working in a combination of traditional craft and new media technologies, XVK uses varied media to assume and subvert personal histories referenced from their East Asian heritage. Merging images, sound, video, performance and sculptural objects, XVK speculates on intersectional feminism in relation to concerns surrounding diaspora and globalization, as well as non-human conditions.