Maria Patricia Abuel

July 21-22, 2016

Thursday, July 21 at 7pm

Abuel will perform two durational pieces, Bulaklak and Pasalubong. Guests are invited to participate.

Friday, July 22 at 7pm

Karaoke party night featuring Kailan and Miss Tiza, a Filipina beauty queen procession during a musical performance by Sean Kua. Guests are invited to eat Filipino food and sing karaoke.


handa •
n. preparation, particularly prepared food; handaan – party with prepared food
v. to get ready or to prepare something; humanda, ihanda

At HANDA, the artist prepares a space to be reminiscent of a typical Filipino celebration, complete with an abundance of music,food,and company.Through contrasting the light-hearted setting of a party with the theme of Filipina-Canadian struggles in her artwork, Abuel challenges traditional frameworks within cultures and artistic practices with irony. Abuel is handa (v.) to question issues of hybrid identity, femininity, and conservative expectations by serving her own handa (n.) to others in the form of performance art, unique commentary and mediums.


Maria Patricia Abuel strives to critically explore her cultural identity through the creation of conceptual art and advancement of her studies. She is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts, Studio Specialist degree at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), where her performance art has won multiple awards, including the 2015 ARTSIDEOUT Jury Award and two 2016 Annual Juried Show prizes, the Performance Art Award and the Y+ Award. Several of the artworks in HANDA were visualized or developed during her time at UTSC and Clutch Vol. 5 with Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture.

Maria Patricia Abuel was selected as the recipient of the Y+ Award as part of the University of Toronto Scarborough’s 2016 Annual Juried Show. The award provides an exceptional senior student with an exhibition opportunity at Y+ contemporary.