I want to help you.

MILES STEMP: I want to help you.

January 7-28, 2017

IMAGE: Miles Stemp, I want to help you. (2017)

Saturday, January 14 from 6-9PM

Saturday, January 28 from 2-5PM



A mediation on the perception of light and colour, Miles Stemp‘s I want to help you is composed of a series of seven individually coloured lightboxes. The installation engages visitors in a process of heliotherapy – a therapeutic treatment involving exposure to full-spectrum light that mimics the effects of daylight, often prescribed to those suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Each of Stemp’s lightboxes, filtered according to RGB and CMYK colour models, are outfitted as a light therapy box. Manipulating modes of processing in both human and mechanical beings, I want to help you offers a space for reflection and absorption.


Toronto-based artist and friend, Miles Stemp creates images, objects and exhibitions that employ humour as a means of entry. Much of his work explores the futility, frustration and human error that occur when he attempts to carry out tasks better suited to mechanical production. Stemp is a member of VSVSVS which is a six-person collective and artist-run centre (vsvsvs.org).


Join Miles Stemp on Saturday, January 28 as he tries to explain a few things. By No Means An Expert is a community-driven workshop and project to share work, knowledge, and ideas that everyone has a novice/working understanding of. The session will be led by the artist as he hopes to share his knowledge and develop in an open exchange. During this session we will cover re-potting a plant and caramelizing the top of a creme brulee. If we pool our resources together, collectively we will be experts.

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