Kristina Guison

November 26 – December 17, 2016

Saturday, November 26 from 2-5PM


Tapping emerges from Kristina Guison’s self-directed research on Southeast Asian traditional tattoos, conducted in the summer of 2012. Cultural tattoo practices that have evaded and/or survived European and North American colonial expansion have permeated mainstream Western culture in a complex way – imported, revised and applied in the West through the invention of the tattoo machine. The Post-modernist sentiment and emphasis on distinctly defined identities and origins are challenged by the accelerated emergence of transnational identities impossible to confine within the set of socio-cultural and geo-political boundaries. Tattooing, being a process associated with concepts of permanence, collective membership, individual self-expression, cultural identity, global exploration, immigration, militarism, tourism and mysticism, is a diverse practice that bears a great amount of personal and socio-political significance, existing in forms with varying degrees of visibility.

Saturday, December 10 from 12-3PM

Artist Talk: Kristina Guison, 12-12:30PM

Join us as Guison talks about and shows photo documentation of her research process leading up to the exhibition.

The Global History of Tattooing, 12:30-1PM
Guison will contextualize her work with a brief overview of tattoo histories from the East, West and “In-between,” using contemporary art and tattoo practices as reference points.

Hands-on Workshop: Body Painting, 1-2PM
This activity invites the audience to participate, whether individually or collaboratively, in a body-painting session that will centre on the personal and/or collective relationships among mark-making, body, and identity.

Open Q&A Session, 2-3PM
The artist will be in the gallery to answer any questions that come up as visitors explore the space.

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