Trove: A View of Toronto in 50 of its Treasures
Luminato Festival

June 10-26, 2016

Part of the Outdoor Gallery
Featuring Claes Oldenburg’s Floorburger, 1962


This project started out with a very simple question. What are the 50 most important objects, works of art — and maybe even ideas — in Toronto and how can we bring them to the public? What lies within the walls of museums, institutions, behind the doors of collectors and within this city that only those who know it is there seek out? What if we used the city of Toronto as one gigantic art gallery and created an exhibition of these treasures — that only a fraction of Torontonians know about — in the open, for everyone to see, for everyone to be proud of. Trove: A View of Toronto in 50 of Its Treasures is a 10th anniversary Luminato project that celebrates what makes this city special.

Artist and photographer Scott McFarland composed the images. He photographed the physical objects and works of art in their places of origin, mostly in front of a neutral background. Nothing had to move. He collaborated with the architects of the Toronto firm PARTISANS on a digital design of an art gallery inside the Hearn Generating Station. Then he placed the objects inside 3D renderings of the Hearn Jackman Gallery. In order to create a photo-realistic effect, Scott also took pictures inside the Hearn Generating Station and vistas from the Hearn that he incorporated into the 3D renderings. The final images are like shots of the exhibition of Toronto’s 50 treasures in a future, imagined Hearn Generating Station Gallery.

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